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    Product advantages

    • It fits any type of environment.
    • Continuously warmed up shower tray.
    • Increased overall bathroom temperature.
    • A warmed up shower tray forbids fungus and mold to develop.
    • Noticeable reduction of the space occupied by the traditional warming systems.
    • The shower tray is installed made to measure at your floors’ level.
    • The basic material is stainless steel, but the external area might be customized as you require.

    Picture taken with the thermocamera

    How the shower tray is seen through the infrared thermocamera:
    Thanks to this innovative system it is possible to notice an uniform heat distribution.

    Thermotechnicians’ recension

    An innovative project that stands intelligently against the usual bathroom heating problems that might appear mostly in the coldest climates. Also, in the Italian latitudes, such climates exist and the heated shower tray might represent the answer to many problems, thanks to its ability to uniformly maintain the heat spread in the bathroom, and helping to overcome less sustainable solutions which aren’t always the correct choice, while the correct comfort level is being pursued. This is basically a product that blends perfectly with the overall floor heating system, completing the entire house and giving it a warm aspect.

    Ing. Matteo Scaglioni


    • Direct sales
    • Inspections
    • Study and design
    • Rendering
    • Long-range laying

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    Facilitated IVA for renovation

    For all of renovating old buildings is always provided, without any expiration date, the application of the rate of VAT 10%.
    The 10% IVA rate applies to supplies of so-called finished goods, namely those goods that retain their individuality (eg, doors, window frames, plumbing, boilers, etc.).
    The facility is up and when the purchase is made directly from the customer of the work, and when to purchase the goods is the company or undertaking the work that runs them.
    To regularly carry out construction work in your own home you must submit a C.I.L.A. (Communication Start Works sworn), in their own municipality.
    To proceed with the purchase of “finished goods” goes to the producer, the document issued by the municipality (CILA), and for a self-facilitated IVA.
    The payment of invoices must be made only by bank transfer / Restructuring.

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    The reliability of our product is ensured by the European Union which has patented our product.

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    We assist the customer throughout the design phase to obtain the best possible result.

    Arch. Gianni Trombini
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    Email: gianni.trombini@tin.it

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