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Direct sales

The production and the sale are handled in a direct, private, engineers, architects and retailers will be able to manage without the intermediary of its product purchase remaining in close contact with our company.
Each product is in fact followed by a single person assigned to you, from design to implementation and delivery.
At every step you can have information on the timing and any required changes without having to resort to third parties.


Study and Design

We design together with you every kind of dish shower complete with shower tailored design with no limit to the maximum catching every little space circumventing every environmental constraint.
No detail is left out and every detail is worked out considering the different craftsmen who must assemble and finish the rest of the bathroom.



We put at your disposal, on request, our office for the creation of virtual images of your complete furnishings environments.



This service is offered whenever there are issues important measures, in particular cases of restructuring, walls out of square, exhaust pipes insufficient and unsuitable facilities with large quantities …
Then we will be on site at your disposal in a very short time agreed.


Long-range laying

The most important service that we provide is precisely that of laying our systems, in cases of very special unique projects, it remains the most delicate part.
No distance limit in our territory, we guarantee punctuality, order, precision and cleanliness.

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